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Sound Activated Car Sticker

Voice Activated Car Stickers

When I first saw these sound activated car stickers, I just had to share the awesomeness! And I thought scratch and sniff stickers where cool… The Koolertron sound activated car stickers dance with the music and they are an easy way to pimp your ride. Simply stick them on your rear window or where ever you want them and …

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App Controlled Robotic Ball

Welcome to the world of smart toys! This is an App Controlled Robotic Ball called the Sphero 2.0 and it’s one awesome gadget. Sphero 2.0 is now much faster, brighter and smarter than the original Sphero ball. With a max speed of 7 feet per second, you can program it to careen down halls, weave in, out and around chair legs plus …

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Electric Flea Zapper For Pets

Electric Flea Zapper For Pets

If you love your pet like one of your own then you definitely don’t want them walking scratching themselves all the time because of fleas. Fleas might be small, sometimes even microscopic but they cause BIG problems! Fleas can cause your pet to have nasty things like fever, swollen lymph nodes, and may they could even die …

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Convertible Headphone Speakers

Convertible Headphone Speakers

Now here is a really cool set of headphones that can convert into battery-powered amplified stereo speakers! Headphones & Speakers In One… With a simple 180° twist to the headphones’ ear-cups, it converts them from headphones to speakers. When in speaker mode. this cool gadget pumps out 98 decibels of sound, which is plenty of volumes to get the …

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AppTag Laser Tag

AppTag Laser Blaster

WOW, this is the kind of gadget that I wish I had when I was like 10 years old. How cool is this – Use your smartphone, iPod or iPhone to turn your surroundings into a super fun, realistic laser battlefield. Connect your device onto a the AppTag gun and laser battle with friends or …

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SoundBlock Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

SoundBlock Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

Pair your Bluetooth device with the Noria SoundBlock speakers and enjoy crystal clear ultra smooth music anywhere. These wireless Bluetooth 3.0 speakers will pair with any Bluetooth device like your smartphone, iPods, Tablets or computer allowing you to listen to your favorite tunes with this wireless smart gadget. Featuring the new Bluetooth 3.0 technology and …

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