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Amazon ECHO Smart Speaker Review

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is the latest in Amazon’s line of home entertainment products, aimed at becoming the central point of audio entertainment for your home while featuring an incredible voice-control system. Its impressive omnidirectional audio speaker and voice recognition sets it apart from other smart speakers. Let’s take a closer look at this smart speaker …

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SkyBell 2.0 Doorbell Review

skybell 2.0

When it comes to home security, the number of options available for devices that integrate security solutions and smart home technology has significantly increased in the past couple of years. Today, we will review the SkyBell Smart Doorbell 2.0 which has address some of the major issues people had with the first iteration of this …

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Sonos Play 3 Review

The Sonos Play 3 smart speaker is the newest device in Sonos’ line of smart speakers that continues Sonos’ long-standing tradition of putting quality products out. This versatile speaker features incredible sound quality that is sure to please any audiophile out there looking for a smart solution to their media playing needs. SONOS PLAY 3 SMART SPEAKER …

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Understanding Smart Homes

smart home benefits

When you are far from home, you could experience nagging little doubts. They may include: Are the kids watching television? Are they doing their homework? Is the security alarm set? Did I remember to turn off the coffee maker? With a smart home, you can get rid of these worries by quickly glancing at your …

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Compact Infrared Heater

Be prepared for every cold situation with this awesome Compact Infrared Heater for your home or office. The 1500W Quartz heater is stylish and will more than do it’s job in any large room, without using too much power, so you save money on your electricity bills, without sacrificing any comfort. This very affordable heater is …

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