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Cool Retro Portable Smart Radio

Sunnylife’s Retro Sounds is a very Cool Retro Portable Smart Radio which is owned and distributed by an Australian Company, specifically for easy use on the move, like a day out at the beach or park.

And who better to know how to enjoy the most from a day at the beach than those lovely people Down Under.

Take your Music with you wherever you go…

This retro portable music device is not only an AM/FM radio, it’s also compatible and has a plug for your smartphone and has it’s very own built-in amplifier.

The “Retro Sounds” compact radio comes in 3 different colors, Cherry Tomato (pictured), Orange Peel and Dazzling Turquoise, so there’s a design to suit most people’s tastes.

This is a very cool music device and best of all it’s cheap!

Unfortunately, we couldn’t find any of these for sale. BUT here are some retro smart radios from Amazon.

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