Credit Card Security Sleeves

Now is the time to get serious about protecting your identity.

With fraudsters, scammers and thieves all over the world both online and offline, this is a serious matter which is why we just had to share this cool security gadget.

With today’s technology, it is far to easy for these people to steal your money and your identity, which could potentially ruin your life.

If you didn’t already know, most credit cards, drivers’ licenses, transit cards, school, and company identification cards, and all passport cards have a Radio-Frequency-IDentification chip embedded inside them.

These chips are designed so vendors or authorities can quickly scan your cards either through the checkout when making a purchase or when they need to scan your card for proof of identity.

However, thieves are now using today’s technology to intercept the radio-frequency, stealing your identity without you even knowing.

With their sneaky gadgets, thieves are able to scan your cards, even while they are in your purse or wallet.

This is why it’s now important to get yourself credit card security sleeves.

The Secure Sleeve is designed to stop all contactless credit cards, drivers licenses, ISO 14443A/B and EPC Gen1/Gen2 contactless smart cards and any other contactless card that operates at 13.56 Mhz and above.

Once your card is in the sleeve, thieves are unable to use their devices to communicate with the Radio-Frequency-IDentification chip.

Ohhh, and don’t worry, these sleeves will fit in most wallets and purses.

Identity theft is on the rise and now is the time to protect yourself and your money!

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Last updated on December 9, 2018 11:30 pm
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