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Cicret Smart Bracelet Turns Your Skin Into Touchscreen

No need to carry your smart phone around these days, you can do pretty much everything from wearable devices like this amazing smart bracelet that projects your screen turning your skin into touchscreen! This bracelet has a mini projector and smart sensor installed inside the bracelet which then projects your smartphone’s screen onto your wrist. …

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When it comes to home and business security, one of the most exciting trends that are out there is the integration between cell phones and security devices and equipment. The August Smart Lock provides keyless home entry solution that can be easily managed from any authorized cell phone. But can we start forgetting about the …


Amazon ECHO Smart Speaker Review

The Amazon Echo smart speaker is the latest in Amazon’s line of home entertainment products, aimed at becoming the central point of audio entertainment for your home while featuring an incredible voice-control system. Its impressive omnidirectional audio speaker and voice recognition sets it apart from other smart speakers. Let’s take a closer look at this smart speaker …

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