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SkyBell Smart Doorbell

Never miss a visitor again! Using this ingenious invention the SkyBell you won’t anyway.

Smart home gadgets are becoming more and more popular and with smart technology becoming more advanced almost on a daily basis all kinds of smart gadgets are appearing in our world.

The SkyBell is a WiFi enabled smart doorbell that has a camera attached with built-in microphone and speakers.

Connect your smartphone using the included app and this doorbell will let you answer your door, speak and listen to your visitors from anywhere.

Now you can monitor your door when you’re out of the house. Out doing the shopping and a friend pops over for a cup of tea.

They ring the doorbell, which signals your smartphone and now you can have a conversation with them.

This is could be great for unknown guests as well who might have an important message.

You can install the SkyBell using your existing doorbell wiring and will only take a few minutes to get set up(comes with full instructions).

SkyBell Features

Here are just some of the cool features the SkyBell has to offer –

  • Motion Sensor
  • Night Vision
  • Movable Camera
  • WiFi Enabled
  • Picture And Video
  • Add Multiple Users
  • On-Demand Access(Coming Soon)

This is actually a pretty cool idea and you could probably use it for more than just your house. Own a shop and need to go out on a break? Now you’ll never miss a customer as you can tell them personally you will be back shortly or even answer their questions about a product or service…

Overall we think the SkyBell is a great gadget and if you’re interested in learning more about it, simply head over to this page or go to

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