Why Does Alexa Keep Turning Off?

Why Does Alexa Keep Turning Off

by | Jun 11, 2024

Alexa will keep turning off if it has a problem. The most common issue is that Alexa cannot connect to the internet.

If you have a Wi-Fi issue, it is highly likely that Alexa will turn off.

There is also a possibility that the Wi-Fi works, but there is no internet.

This means your router works, but your internet service provider is down.

To help you more, I will provide answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Alexa not working.

Why does Alexa cut out when playing music?

There are several potential reasons why Alexa cuts out when playing music. One reason is a weak Wi-Fi or Bluetooth connection.

This happens when there is insufficient bandwidth to stream music between the router and the Echo device.

It is also possible that the Echo device has weak power or that there is interference in the network. Additionally, there could be a software issue.

The best way to fix it is to restart Alexa. To do this, just unplug your Echo device.

Do not just turn it off with a button. What you want to do here is a hard reset. You want it to use the last remaining power so it refreshes.

Do the same with your router. If you are using Bluetooth, turn it off. Wait for a few seconds, and then power everything back on.

All these processes would restart your Echo device, router, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth.

If this does not work, you need to find out how far the Echo device is from your router.

Ideally, the router and the Echo are within close range. Most routers can only provide internet for a few meters via Wi-Fi.

In addition, make sure there are no walls between your Echo device and the router. Walls can interfere with the signal and cause poor performance.

The other thing you can do is change your Wi-Fi frequency from the Echo device. It is a dual-band machine, so it can connect with 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands.

Your router, if it is a modern one, has two bands.

If a lot of devices are connected to the 2.4 GHz band, it will get clogged and it is a possible reason why Alexa cannot deliver seamless performance.

To change the band, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Alexa app from your phone.
  2. Tap the MENU icon.
  3. Tap on SETTINGS.
  6. Tap on CHANGE (this is beside the WIFI NETWORK label).
  7. Tap on CONTINUE.

Now, wait for the orange light to appear on your Echo device.

Once it does, go back to the app and tap CONTINUE.

Open the WIFI SETTINGS and connect to the 5 GHz band.

Hit CONTINUE, and your problem should be solved now.

If the problem is coming from your internet service provider, then you must contact them.

Should you unplug Alexa at night?

No, not really. Alexa and Echo, by design, should stay on all the time.

You buy these things so you can manage your house appliances with routines, right?

As far as power goes, Alexa and Echo do not consume a lot of electricity.

As such, keeping them on all the time will not put a dent in your power budget.

The only reason people want to turn off Alexa at night is privacy. If this is your concern, just turn off the microphone on the device.

This way, no one can hear you, even if someone drops in on your Echo device.

Is it safe to leave them on? Yes, it is safe to leave Alexa and Echo on because their default mode is on standby only.

They are also not likely to cause a fire.

How do I stop Amazon music from timing out?

Sometimes, the device will stop playing if there is no activity.

It is a hassle. Obviously, you want to play music for long hours, right?

Alexa and Echo will time out if not in use for a specific period.

They are like laptops—Windows, to be specific—that go on sleep mode if not in use.

So, if you are listening to music and your Echo has been in action for a while, it is the sleep mode that times out the music.

To solve this, you must turn off the sleep mode. You can find this in the SETTINGS area of your Alexa app.

Where should you not place Alexa?

The Echo device is an electronic one.

As such, there are places where it should not be.

Below are some key reminders.

  • Water – Do not place Alexa near any water source. If water gets through the device, the electronics can short-circuit. Do not put it inside the toilet, sink, or bathroom.
  • Hot Areas – Do not put your Echo device on top of a flat TV or another electronic device. All these electronic devices get hot. The last thing you want for your Echo device is heat.

So, where should you put Alexa, then? Put Alexa on top of a table.

You can do it on a bedside table if you want. Make sure that the device is visible to you.

As you know, the warning lights are things you should see so you can operate them at an optimal level.

Wherever you place Alexa, ensure that the device is away from water and extreme heat sources.


The Echo device has sensitivities. As a machine, it uses frequencies, which, sadly, may not work if there is interference.

Alexa, on the other hand, is a computer program that connects to the servers of Amazon via the internet.

Without an internet connection, the Echo device may turn on and work with Bluetooth.

However, if both connections are not present, the Echo device may power itself down.

If you want Alexa and Echo to stay on all the time, what I can advise you is to ensure that the Echo is within the range of your router.


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